Travel With Me // Netherlands

Dear lovely readers,

yet again, I’m back after a loong time. Today I wanted to share a travel photo diary (and video) with you because I spent three days in the Netherlands last weekend and loved every single minute of my short trip.

24th May – alarm set at exactly 2 a.m. I ate a light breakfast, got dressed, put my last essentials into my suitcase and I was ready to go. 2 hours drive to the airport of Venice. Flight at 6 a.m.


After all, the early morning flight was totally worth it because I could admire the morning sky, the sun rising and the fluffy clouds illuminated by its rays. A beautiful view indeed. Two hours later I landed in Amsterdam and immediately took a train to Tilburg to meet up with Miah. After not finding each other at the train station because we were each on a different platform we figured it out and met up.

10 We spent the morning exploring Tilburg, walked through the lovely streets and then got back to the apartment to get ready for G-Eazy’s concert. After talking about going to his concert for over a year we were finally going to see him live.BeFunky-collage (1)Needless to say, his live performance was a m a z i n g. The club was packed with people, but the energy was so high. Also, it was his birthday so Halsey showed up as well and they sang Him&I together, which was so beautiful to see. 1125th May – The next morning we bought a train ticket to Rotterdam and travelled there. Miah invited her friends as well so I got to meet them which was very nice. Such lovely people. One of my flatmates advised me to visit Rotterdam, but I didn’t know if I would have had the time, but Miah surprised me with this and I’m so grateful we ended up going. Rotterdam was Miah’s and her best friend’s city for some time, since they used to live there so they were our tour guides for the day.InkedBeFunky-collage5 (1)_LIWe walked a lot, explore even the most narrow streets (thankfully, because we found a small street with the most beautiful and colorful wall art work which had to be captured in a polaroid picture haha). Lost of walking means food is next so we ended up going to a Vietnamese restaurant. We had some iced coffee first, since it was pretty warm and then we ordered our food, which was delicious.InkedBeFunky-collage6_LI

Later we walked around for another few hours and finished off this trip by going to Baker’s Dough, a little shop that sells cookie dough. I always wanted to try that so I was super excited about that and ended up loving it – it’s very sweet, but so good. Therefore, we ended our Rotterdam in the sweetest (literally) was possible.

We took the train back and ended up going to a bar near the station which was once a train station itself. I loved the rustic interior and all the different lights they had. A beautiful atmosphere. We shared some stories and laughs and then parted. 1226th May – Last day… already? Sadly yes, but it was also Amsterdam trip day! Both Miah&I were excited to explore Amsterdam, because I have never been before and she hasn’t been there for a few months as well. Another train ride in the morning to get to Amsterdam. We immediately started our exploring: some shopping, a cheese store (with all kinds of Dutch cheese), the canals. Once we got hungry we decided to go to a restaurant in the center and order some Dutch pancakes, which were good.

We had to walk around with my suitcase because I was leaving later that night so after quite a few hours of walking we were both tired and it was also really warm so we decided to get some fresh drinks and sit by the water and just talk. We didn’t regret that, because it was just perfect. Boats were going by, with groups of people eating food and toasting with champagne, people tanning and dancing to Spanish music. The perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon.BeFunky-collage8

I wish I could have stopped that moment in time and just keep it paused for some time, to soak it all in, the positive vibes around me, the happiness, the laughs surrounding me, everything that was there. I didn’t get that chance and we had to get back to the station to take one last train together, the one that would take me to the airport and Miah back to Tilburg.InkedBeFunky-collage9_LI

7:23 p.m – Schipol Airport Station. I hug Miah, crying and we promise each other we’ll meet again soon. I walk off the train and wave Miah one last “see you” and head to the airport. I was back in Venice at 11 p.m. Back to reality – exhausted, but happy.

Until next time,




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