Travel With Me // Bologna, Italy

Dear lovely readers,

yesterday, or should I say early at night (?) I got back from my little holiday in Italy. Needless to say I had an amazing time and of course I have to document some piece of this journey on my blog.

I was in Italy for almost a week, but I spent the first two days in Bologna, Italy, which is one of my favorite Italian cities that I’ve visited so far (along with Florence and Venice). I only had a 24 hour stay in Bologna so I couldn’t do that much. Let me also point out that Bologna is one of the most warm Italian cities and the day I was there the temperature screens on the brick colored buildings were showing; 40°. Fourty degrees which in reality feel a lot hotter and with zero wind blowing through your hair feel EVEN worse. That’s why I didn’t end up doing lots, but I still decided to film bits and pieces of my day to share it with you! Here is what I did, ate and saw in Bologna …




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