Warmer Days, Study Dates & Last Day Of High School // Monthly Snippets

Dear lovely readers,

since the last two months have been extremely busy and full of errands and school work mixed with lots of tiredness I didn’t end up having lots of footage of the month of April so I combined that with the month of May.

April was… fun? Well, not really that fun. All of our pre-exams were in the month of April so that’s when the whole final-exams-anxiety started. In the beginning of April I still thought; “Oh, I still have plenty of time to do all my work”. Well, yeah, And then the month literally flew by and all of a sudden it was already the 1st of May.

So then May started literally with me singing along to my favorite songs, watching bonfires from the distance and with my friend and trying to light up a sparkle stick, unsuccessfully on the night of the 30th of April which quickly became an early morning of the 1st of May, since time really flows by and I ended up driving back home late at night.

May was filled with various study dates with my elementary school days friend, which wisely, as I did, chose Chemistry for her finals. Yay us! So we decided to try to solve some exercises together with cups of coffee on the side of the tables to keep up going. And, ironically,  most of the sessions ended with us questioning why we chose Chemistry…

I also had my last day of high school (sort of) since I had my last classes in May and got my diploma, but I still have to take some finals! So high school is not officially over, but half-over?


Also Issue 4 of The Restless Times was released a few days ago and I wrote an my article entitled “A Universe of Colours” is featured! I definitely recommend downloading Issue 4 and reading all the amazing articles it contains. Here is the link to our website where you can download Issue 4 from!

This was a fast recap of the past two months, but the video contains many more insights…




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