Back To The Roots

Dear lovely readers,

today’s blog post is a little different from the usual ones. Thyra, an amazing soul I met through my blog over two years ago, recently messaged me suggesting that we should collab on some kind of blog post. After a short session of brainstorming through emails we came up with the idea of taking pictures in our hometowns.

I guess I should start this post by shortly introducing my hometown. It’s a small town by the sea, really close to the Italian border, called Izola. The Italian version of the name, Isola, means “island”.

I loved taking these pictures, because I kind of got to see my city through the eyes of a turist or someone who has never been here before. I never took pictures of my hometown, so I really kind of felt like I was on some kind of holiday here, exploring these streets like I haven’t walked on the rocky pavement a thousand times before and as I haven’t seen the colorful buildings ever in my life. I went to some of my favorite spots and captured their beauty, the magic of the places that I’ve grown up in. I captured my roots, the town that saw me grow up and become the person I am today. I captured the beauty of my hometown.



The first two pictures are pretty self-explanatory. The second one was taken from a high spot so it pretty much shows my town from a sky perspective, with all the terracotta roofs and of course a beautiful crystal-blue colored sea in the distance.

85The next two were taken by the sea; on the roads I usually take when I go on walks by the sea. As you can probably tell, the sea is an important element in my hometown, I think half of its beauty comes from the sea.

The last two are probably my favorite spots in the city. The first one was taken during one of my usual coffee chills on Sunday evenings. I always come to this coffee shop; since I was a little girl when I came with my grandmother to drink a kid’s cappuccino until today when I like to come during the weekends and order a macchiato while I enjoy the beautiful weather.

And last, but definitely not least, is my (ex/old) house, the house I used to live in and the house I grew up in. This place really holds a special place in my heart, this three-floored now light-blue colored house holds my roots and it always will. The first thing that comes into my mind when  I think about my hometown is the house I used to live in.

These are all the pictures that I got developed. I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my hometown and if you ever get to chance to visit, I totally recommend it for a short road trip!




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