Dear lovely readers,

before getting into the actual post I wanted to talk about THE RESTLESS TIMES for a second. I’ve been working on this newspaper for the past 3 months with a team of amazing girls from all over the world. I’m so proud to say the team has come out with 2 issues for now and on the 1st of every month we release a new one, so Issue 3 is going to be release very soon & along with all the beautifully written pieces it’s also going to include an interview with an award-winning poet, Amanda Lovelace so it’s definitely going to be worth checking it out. Until then I suggest you to head to and download the first two issues and immerse yourself in all the lovely articles they contain. I promise you won’t regret it!

Following is an extract of an article featured in Issue Two that I wrote about creativity.


I believe everyone has that creativity inside of them, but we often restrain it, worried about what others will have to say about us and our creations. Writing has been my way of letting my creativity out, my way of expressing how I felt and what I was going through. Words were always the best escape for me; through words I was able to put my thoughts into black and white, from my mind onto paper.

Your creativity is who you are, it’s what you desire to make, what inspires you. It is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. So, suppressing it for others is not worth it.

Create and be who you are. Take your creativity and make art; whether that’s through writing, taking pictures, running, playing an instrument, or dancing – whatever gives you the freedom of expressing yourself should be cherished and done.





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