The Restless Times

Dear lovely readers,

just a couple of weeks ago I had a new e-mail in my inbox and as soon as I started reading it I sensed something special. It was so beautifully written and it made me so extremely happy!

The e-mail was from Darcy, a young girl from Australia, that came up with the idea of starting an on-line newspaper, a place where positivity and energy are spread towards young adults that want to change the world.

I intend for the Restless Times Newspaper to be a raw and emotional way to explore our world through youthfulness. I intend for it to be a place where young adults feel validated enough to contribute and speak their mind and investigate the issues of our world. It will be a newspaper that gives teenagers across the world a chance to just live fully and largely. A chance for them to be respected in a world that they have and will continue to respect.

She kindly asked me to be part of her project by becoming a regular columnist and editor of the newspaper and as you probably already guessed I said YES! I’ve always wanted to be part of a project of some kind with other open-minded girls to create a community where everyone feels welcomed and simply where everyone is free to express their minds freely and I feel as this newspaper is going to be like that!


The reason I’m posting this article is because I’d love if you’d subscribe or follow the newspaper’s website (Instagram: @therestlesstimes) so when the first issue comes out on the 1st of March you’ll get an insight into what I and other girls around the globe have been working on.

Also if you’d like to contribute with an article or with your pictures simply email us at




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