Skin Care Routine // Essentials

Dear lovely readers,

recently I switched up my skin care routine a little bit with some new products so I decided to share them with you, because I LOVE them!

My skin is pretty sensitive so I don’t like using a bunch of products, instead I stick to just a few basics.



  • Brazened Honey // Lush Face Mask: I love to pamper my skin once a week and that’s when I use this Lush face mask. It’s so refreshing, because you keep it in the fridge so when you apply it it feels so good! Also it smells amazing (as every Lush product) and once you’re ready to wash it off you can also use it as a scrub, because it has little grudges that exfoliate your skin.
  • L’Or Bio Melvita: Moving on to the second product… Every time I apply a face mask my skin gets very dry once I wash it off, so using this oil to moisturize it works very well! Not only this Melvita oil can be used on your skin, but also on your hair so it’s totally worth buying it.
  • La Roche Posay Moisturizing Cream; this is the face cream I use daily, as my morning & night cream. I’ve re-bought it quite a few times, because it calms my skin and reduces the redness pretty well.

These are the top 3 skin care products I’ve been using lately and I thought I’d share with you today. Do you have any go-to skin care product?




7 responses to “Skin Care Routine // Essentials

  1. I love Lush masks!! The last one I got was my all time favorite!! I forgot what it’s called :/// But it was a refrigerated one and after I washed it off my face was bright and glowy!!

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