End Of The Year Rose

Dear lovely readers,

how quickly is this year coming to an end… I currently have one week off school (which was really needed) and it’s so crazy to think in just a few days this year is going to be over. Crazy, but exciting. A new year always brings some freshness and hopefully lots of beautiful adventures and experiences.

I’ve spent the last few days reading books and overdosing on fruit tea! Since I have one week off school I made a long to-do list of the things I should do and hopefully I’ll tick every single one off and end this year in a productive way! We’ll see about that thought. Breaks are for relax as well, right?


I finished reading “The Beginning Of Everything” in two days, because the plot was so interesting, it just made me want to keep reading it and now I moved on to the second book, “The Kite Runner”. I’ve read it twice before, but it’s for a school assignment so I decided to read it once again and analyze it.

So I’ve been reading books, sipping tea, editing videos and responding to my pen pal’s letters that have been on my desk for wayyy too long and are finally going to be travelling to them, soon.

Here is a short video I made with the snippets from a photo shoot a few weeks ago. I’ll post a few shots from it next year (!)

Ending this year in the best way possible; creating and writing…




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