My Christmas Wish-List

Dear lovely readers,

Christmas is slowly approaching and I decided to put together a list of things that are on my wish list this year.


  1. To start off I have some two pieces from Zara, of course! This toffee colored coat is soo pretty. I tried it on last weekend and ah, I love how it fit.
  2. Lately I’ve also been loving skirts, even though my closet has 0 options right now, that’s why a cute skirt would be very appreciated and needed!
  3. I’ve had this on my wish-list for sooo long. Kinfolk magazines are amazing. I’ve seen lots of preview pictures online and I’d love to have one to read and then put up somewhere in my room! My favorite issues are; 18, 21 & the Essentials one!
  4. Face masks! I ran out of my Cup O’Coffee from Lush and I really need a new one. Their faces masks are great.
  5. Scrolling through Asos’ website this week I came upon this hoodie and I’m in love! First of all I love hoodies and this one is just so cute, rose dust with a marble print in the back. What more can you ask for?
  6. An analog camera. I’ve always loved vintage cameras, but never owned one and recently I found a few that I’d love to shoot with.
  7. Candles. I found these ones on UO’s website and I love how rustic the packaging looks, but seriously any Yankee candle works as long as it smells good haha




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