Love Letters ♥

Dear lovely readers,

this month I read a book entitled “Love Letters By Great Men” which was filled with beautiful love letters that influential men wrote to their wives, lovers and mistresses. That’s why I thought I would share my some of my favorite ones with you.

“My soul can fix upon nothing but thee; ther it contemplates, admires, adores, nay depends on, trusts on you alone.” – William Congreve

“…the further the poles are from the sun, the more scorching is the heat. Thus it is with our love; absence has places distance between us; nevertheless the fervor increases . at least on my part.” – Henry VIII


“I think the sun had more reason to be proud of raising your spirits, than of raising all the plants and ripening all the minerals in the earth.” – Alexander Pope

“… distance is only a close-up that has been pushed apart.” – Robert Schumann


“Our hearts have a long time been close to each other.” – Johann Christoph

“I was, and I am yours, when , where, and how, yourself might and may determine.” – Lord Byron





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