Dear lovely readers,

this Saturday I had an early morning start. I always wake up pretty early, even on weekends, but I almost never have productive mornings. I usually spend Saturdays morning lying around and watching videos. This Saturday, my friend and I decided to go biking and explore a beautiful spot above the city.


At 8:43 a.m we already grabbed our bikes and started this morning trip. After two hours of riding our bikes with full backpacks on our shoulders we finally reached our destination. A road with fields wherever you look. We found a spot where the grass wasn’t too tall to lay our tapestry on and start out brunch picnic. We ate some homemade chocolate muffins, took some polaroids and flipped trough a magazine. When we were done we jumped backon our bikes.20160618_11251020160618_112708

The weather was perfect, maybe a little too sunny and hot to ride your bike for about 4 hours, but perfect for a clear and beautiful view of the city and the sea around it.

Overall, waking up early was totally worth it this sunny Saturday, to enjoy every minute of it.




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