Polaroid Love

Dear lovely readers,

I’ve share some of my polaroids on my blog before, but today they are different kind of polaroids.

It was one of my good friend’s birthday and knowing that she loves polaroid picture I knew I had to include some in her gift.

First I thought about taking some polaroids with my Polaroid camera, but in the end I decided that it would be better if I could actually developed some pictures from Tumblr that reflect her style more than a polaroid I took would.

I then started to browse online in hopes of finding a website that lets you choose pictures and develops them in a polaroid format. I found LALALAB ‘s website and downloaded their app to gets my polaroids.

The “process” of getting your polaroids is so simple and easy. I went on Tumblr, saved some pictures that I liked and then uploaded them onto the app. Once you’ve done that the app automatically crops the picture into a square and you’re done. It’s as easy as that! You don’t have to worry about cropping or anything at all. All you need are the pictures and that’s it!20160503_161632

This website best worked for me, because they are based in Europe so shipping costs weren’t crazy expensive and their prices are reasonable too. With every purchase they give you a discount that you can share with your friends so if you’re ordering something you can GET 5€ OFF WITH THIS CODE: PGKSFK67


I have to say I was worried that once I got my polaroids the quality of the pictures would be a little blurry and not the best quality, but I was positively surprised. All the pictures are the same quality as you see on your screen once you save them. The app doesn’t ruin the quality at all and your polaroids are as glossy as a real Polaroid that was taken with a Polaroid camera would look like.


Overall my experience with LALALAB‘s website was great and I would definitely recommend ordering from there if you’re looking for some cool looking polaroids to hang around in your room.




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