I’m Back (And I’m Better?)

Dear lovely readers,

typing this blog post seems so strange, after such a long time of not posting on my blog. Strange, but nice at the same time, because even though I wasn’t active and consistent I missed sharing content with you!

Today I decided I wanted to post a new blog post in hopes that I’ll be consistent from now on. I do have some ideas written down in my notebook and hopefully some more inspiration will come soon.

As I’ve said today I felt really inspired to post again and I decided to just explain my short break and update you on the new things in my life.

Nothing much has changed since the last time that I posted on here, except that yesterday I cut my hair… and now it’s extremely short. I’m pretty sure my hair hasn’t been this short in years and years. I usually always have it either long or medium, but never so short, but this time I felt like trying something new and this was the result.


I guess this is everything for now. I’ll talk to you soon.




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