Day Of Happiness

Dear lovely readers,

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, because I didn’t feel really inspired and didn’t have any photos or content to share, but I’m back with a new blog post today!

One of the things that make me really happy are sunsets. During the summer time I try to watch as many as possible to see how their colors change through the week and how pretty they get each time I see them.

A result of this love for sunsets is that my camera roll is full of pictures of sunsets, probably 45% are sunset pictures, but how can you NOT take a picture?IMG_20160318_174720

There’s something so beautiful and relaxing about watching the sun set behind the horizon, out of your vision and leave the sky empty for the moon to arrive. Something so simple, yet the colors it leaves behind are always breath-taking. The different shades of red and orange, of bright pink and purple. The sky looks like a beautiful watercolor painting for you to admire. The world around you feels like an art museum and the sky is the masterpiece you are admiring.

However, during the winter I don’t get to see as many sunsets or at least the colors aren’t always so amazing, but this Friday the golden hour was amazing. My friend and I were on a walk and when we saw the sun was setting we ran towards a little forest to capture its last rays.





4 responses to “Day Of Happiness

  1. I abandon my blog too often, find it really hard to get inspired again. Welcome back, I posted my first post in months today too. Maybe it is because spring is finally here.


    • I was usually very consistent in posting, but now I realized that if I’m not inspired and 100% happy with my blog spot I would rather not post it. I believe that spring does actually help with it’s colorful blossoming flowers and such 🌸 Glad you’re back also!

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