LUSH Cup O’ Coffee // Review

Dear lovely readers,

as you could probably tell by the title today I’m going to review Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee face&body mask.

This mask was on my birthday wish-list this year and luckily I got it. I heard a lot of good things about it and I really wanted to try it out myself and see if it’s really as good as the others say it is.

Cup O’ Coffee is a exfoliating facial mask made with ground coffee, of course. The first thing that I did when I had this mask in my hands was smell it – and WOW, the smell is amazing! Just like freshly made coffee. Obviously if you don’t like the smell of coffee I would recommend getting a sample first.


This is not a fresh mask and that’s a big con, because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it lasts three months, unlike the fresh ones that only last from one to three weeks.

How it works you may ask? Well the coffee even out your skin tone and the cocoa extract removes your dry cells and makes your skin soft and glowy.

Now onto my routine ….

This mask can be used both on your ace and body which is a great feature. I tend to use it once a week on my face, usually on weekends when I have little pamper nights.


You simply apply the mask on your face. The consistency is pretty thick so you don’t have to apply a lot of it to make it work. Once you applied it you have to wait from 5-15 minutes for it to harden and work the miracle. After the set time you can wipe it off with warm water, but before doing that gently rub your face for the ground coffee to work as a scrub. This is probably my favorite part of this whole routine, because not only you can use it as a mask, but as a scrub as well, so you have two actions in one product. After just clean your face with warm water and gently dry it with a towel. Your skin is going to look (and smell) amazing.

After using this mask I like to moisturize my skin with my usual face moisturizer, because your skin may feel a little dry.

I would totally recommend buying this face and body mask, because it really is as amazing as everybody says it is and it works right away; you can see the results after the first application already. So if you live near a Lush store or you walk by one soon definitely walk inside and pick up a can of the Cup O’ Coffee mask!




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