Things I Learnt While Being 17

Dear lovely readers,

it feels pretty crazy to write this, but I’m turning 18 tomorrow. I feel like it was just yesterday that I turned 17. Time flies, but I wanted to share 5 of the “lessons” that I learnt while being 17 …

Everybody is different

We are all different and not everybody is going to support you in what you are doing. Some people will stay by your side and others will leave, but that’s just the way it is. Make sure not to listen to the negative words that someone tells you, because at the end of the day the ones that matter are going to be with you.

Forgive & let go

You are going to get hurt, but always forgive the people that hurt you. If you forgive letting go is much easier; you won’t have regrets and you will have done what was in your power to. Don’t dwell on the past and try to let go and move on.


Don’t be afraid to smile/cry

Feelings are natural and you should never hide them (from others and especially from yourself). Keeping everything on the inside is unhealthy. Instead you should smile every time you are feeling happy and cry when times get harder and you are feeling sad. Simply act the way you are feeling in that moment.

Do the things you love

Spend time with the people you love, do the things you are passionate about and whatever makes you happy. No matter what that is, if something brings happiness in your life it means that it’s the right thing and you have to keep it.


 Everything is balanced

I know sometimes you’ll feel like everything is going wrong and a week later you may feel the happiest, but remember that life is balanced. You get an amount of happy days and another amount of sad days. But it’s YOUR life is in your hands and you have the power to make things better and to balance it in your own good.




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