My Birthday Wishlist

Dear lovely readers,

since my birthday is coming soon, in less than two weeks, I decided to make a wish-list of the things that I’ve been loving lately and I would love to recieve.BeFunky Collage

Clothes: This striped black and white blouse from Brandy Melville is so pretty and combined with the suede skirt would look amazing. Pretty much I made a spring-summer outfit here; striped blouse, suede skirt and a leather-looking backpack (Urban Outfitters)

Beauty: I have two beauty products. The first one is the Lush face mask Cup O’ Coffee, of which I’ve heard a bunch of good reviews. The second one is a lipstick, because I only have one and it’s a dark shade that I never wear. I found so many pretty shades by NARS. This is one a bright orange-pink almost, too bright for me, but they have some more neutral tones as well.

Jewelry: I’m in love with this pearl necklace. I’ve seen a similar one, but with a leather cord and it looked beautiful also. Simplicity is everything

Books: This book “Eighteen Years” by Madisen Kuhn is definately the poetry book that I’ve been trying to find for some time now. I always wanted to own a poetry book and this one was written by a young girl, which is another reason for buying. Plus it fits my (future) age!

Random: Crystals. Wow! I always found crystals beautiful. Lately I saw so many nice one online and it just makes me want some to keep on my bedroom cupboard.

This is my bithday wish-list! I think I may share some photos from my birthday in the next weeks!




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