5 Ways To Start 2016 In The Best Way

Dear lovely readers,

first of all Happy New Year! It’s so crazy that another year just went by and we’re in 2016 already… but, that’s good, because now we have a whole year ahead of us and we are able to do a bunch of things. Here are 5 things that I want to do in 2016 and I think you could try as well.


The best way to start a new year as is with freshness… You can take it as a new start and by starting fresh you can simply throw” away everything that you no longer need or that doesn’t make you happy anymore.



At the beginning of each new year I like to sit down & write a few goals in my journal; things that I want to achieve as the year goes by. It’s a good way to motivate and remind yourself that you want things to change.


It’s very important to have a positive mindset. Try to avoid negative thoughts as much as possible and think about the things that make you happy instead of being sad.


Kindness makes you happy! No matter how little the act of kindness is it’s going to make you feel good about yourself and it will also make the other person happy. Two happy humans, one action! Perfect!DSC05594


By writing down goals and reading everybody else’s New Year resolutions we forget about our own, but remind yourself what you want to change and achieve this year & start doing everything it takes to make it happen.

Good luck! ♥




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