My Christmas Wish-List 2015

Dear lovely readers,

December is almost here which means … Christmas is in less than a month and I decided to share my wish-list with you.

BeFunky Collage

  1. Earrings: I’ve had the same earrings for quite some time now and I’d love to get a new pair, but my ears are very “sensitive” so it’s a struggle to find a pair that won’t cause redness.
  2. Book: I’ve heard a bunch of reviews about this book (without spoiling the plot) and I’d love to read it
  3. Sweater: RAD has the cutest sweaters ever and this one describes me perfectly
  4. Lip balm: this Lush lip balm or the Honey Trap look amazing
  5. Socks: these have been on my wish-list for quite some time and I love the Starry Night pattern on them,so unique!
  6. Headphones: these Happy Plugs are insanely beautiful, wow.  The rose gold or silver ones are perfect. Quite expensive, but a girl can dream right?

I hope you enjoyed reading my wish-list. Let me know what’s on yours.




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