F for Fashion and Food

Dear lovely readers,

here I am, posting a part 2 to my “F for Fashion and Food series (I guess we can call it that). Of course, this year the TV show “Gostilna Išče Šefa” is back on air. My parents and I always watch it and we decided to go back this year and try all the new creations that they have on the menu.DSC05150-001

This Thursday I went on a family trip to Ljubljana and had lunch in Gostilna. As appetizer I got “Cool Cuttlefish”, which was so good and refreshing (I’m not going to go into detail about which ingredients the dish contains, because there are SO many).DSC05164-001 For the main dish I got “Chef’s Temptation”, which is a combo of meat, lettuce, sauerkraut and salsa with fried polenta. Loved this so much, because you combine these things by yourself and eat them in a letture tortilla!DSC05178-001DSC05183-001And last but not least, as dessert “Ljubljana Split”, which is a re-creation of a banana split. I loooved it, because there were three different flavours of ice-cream, whipped cream with caramel and caramelized bananas!DSC05194-001

Overall I loved all the dishes that I tried. (By the way they film the restaurant guest’s and my parents and I were on TV haha). All of the chef’s creations are so different that what you usually eat and the whole combo of the dish makes the taste amazing. Hopefully I get to try his dishes again soon.

DSC05196-001                                                                                  20151029_145312-001




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