Lazy Fall Day Routine 🌿🍂

Dear lovely readers,

I can finally say that my favorite time of the year has begun. Fall is here!  and so today I decided to share a few things that I would do to have a perfect fall day.

First things first you need a hot drink. I usually go for tea, I’ve been obsessed with it lately. Fact: I’d love the try the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte that everyone talks about, but we don’t have Starbuck in my country *cries*. Prepare some tea or coffee and some food to snack on.

Once you’ve got your food essentials find a spot; whether it’s in your house or outside. I usually stay inside so I’m cozier. When you’ve got your spot carry everything that you need there; food&drinks, laptop, journal, camera, books. Whatever you’ll choose to do it’s fine as long as you enjoy doing it.


Now that you have all of your essentials in one place your lazy fall day can start. Start with your favorite activity; whether it’s drawing or writing, photography or videography or simply watching videos on YouTube. Do something that you enjoy while sipping on your warm tea and some silent music in the background.




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