Summer Memories // Photo Recap

Dear lovely readers,

my fellow blogger friend Taykure and I are going to do a little summer picture’s recap for you all. Summer is the time for crazy adventures and lazy mornings, ice cream after each meal and water to cool up. it’s the time to make memories and what better way to cherish them as with taking a picture?

In this post I’m going to share some of my favorite things of this summer through pictures that I’ve taken.

2 001-001

#1 (disposable); This summer I’ve been pretty obsessed with watching the sunset and I took this one during one of those nights while I was at the beach

3 001-003

#2 (polaroid); I took this one after seeing Paper Towns the night of the premiere at the movies. I watched a few movies this summer at home and at the movies, but this was the most awaited one for me.

Brez naslova1

#3 (disposable) A random guy took this picture of my friend Sofia and me while we were on a typical Venetian bridge, tourist much? hahha

4 001-001

#4 (polaroid) Among the few adventures that I went on this summer, this one was literally in an adventure park. Lots of climbing, zip-lining and walking, but sooo much fun!

Brez naslova

#5 (polaroid) And last, but not least… probably everybody’s favorite thing in the summer; ICE CREAM. Nothing else to say.

These are just some of my summer memories captured with my camera, but my album (and camera roll) contain many more. This summer was incredible; I didn’t get to travel much, but it was still a beautiful time spent with family and friends, going to the beach, exploring and eating ice-cream. Cheers to summer 2015!

What was your favorite summer memory? Let me know in the comments




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