Beach Bag Essentials

Dear lovely readers,

finally I have a summer blog post up for you! I didn’t have much time to really live my summer yet, due to working, but I’ll have a month now in August and I hope to have a pretty good summer. One thing that everybody does during the summer time is going to be beach and there are some essentials that all of us need to have in our beach bag so here are mine!

essentialsBeach bag; obviously you need a bag to carry to the beach/pool with you that you’ll put all of your essentials inside

Lip balm; swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun will dry out your lips so I would recommend buying a lip balm with SPF to use when you’re out of the water

Hair tie; whether you want to put your hair in a ponytail/bun before you’re going to swim or after you’ll need it, the temperature is just too high to wear your hair down

Sunscreen; if you’re going to spend a whole day on the beach you will need to apply some sunscreen to avoid getting a sun-burn

Beach towel; you always need one to sit or lay down on, whether on the beach or at the pool

Sunglasses; pretty self-explanatory

Water bottle; you need some water, because it’s so hot and dry and you need to stay hydrated

Camera; disposable or waterproof, it’s nice to bring a camera to capture some pictures with

and last but most important a bikini




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