Dear lovely readers,

I woke up at 8 a.m this morning and did my everyday morning routine, but instead of heading to work I got a call that I could stay home, due to the bad weather! I wasn’t expecting to have a free day, on a SUNDAY so I was extremely happy to hear that. I watched some videos and listened to music and then I just planned a day out with a friend, everything was so last-minute and spontaneous, I loved it!

First we had some delicious ice-cream (I got cookie) and then we just walked to an almost empty pier to sit down and listen to music with the sound of the sea waves in the backgroud, so relaxing. We took some pictures and after two hours we went on a short walk, before we both went back home.

Today was so amazing, because of it’s sponaneity. I usually like to plan things ahead and prepare everything so I kind of know how everything is going to go, but today was different and that made it so special.
DSC04946-001 DSC04954-001 IMG-20150726-WA0083-001 IMG-20150726-WA0084-001




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