A Day In The City

Dear lovely readers,

at the end of the month of June I went on a one-day trip to Ljubljana with my friend and I thought to share some bits with you! So let’s go…


We took a bus at 5 a.m and we arrived in the city at 8 a.m. First thing to do was buy some breakfast and then we were ready to head into the city. While walking downtown we stopped at a book-store where I bought the most perfect notebook,

We then had 4 hours for shopping and we probably ended up checking out every store on the main shopping street, but we stayed in Zara for the most time (as always haha).


OOTD ft. cool-looking street


Shopping can be tiring so after we finished our shopping trip we decided to get some lunch and we foundt this really cute pizzeria that had really thin, delicious pizzas.

After lunch we explore the little streets and small shops. We found the coolest wall with a beautiful quote and we took many pictures and polaroids in these two hours of just wandering around the city.


Before heading back home we visted the MSUM (Museum Of Contemporary Art). I’ve never been there before, but I really recommend it, because it’s so special and the art is beautiful.DSC04737

prenos (2)

View from the museum’s roof (you can see all of the tallest buildingd)

When our short museum touring had finished it was time to head back to the train station and get on our bus back home. I hope you enjoyed reading this short post about my trip and maybe “virtually travelled” with me


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