Summer Bucket List 2015

Dear lovely readers,

today I’m going to share this year’s summer bucket list with you …


I’d love to start a little store and make handmade paper goods as bookmarks and stickers.

2 It needs some refreshing and I’m going to change the pictures in my frames, add some buntings and maybe some other decor. Room tour, maybe?


This is 100% sure already. During the summer I’m going to work in a restaurant


I LOVE train rides, but pretty much never travel by train so this summer I’m going to take the train with my friend and go to the city! 5

What better to do on a hot summer morning/night? I really enjoy reading in the summer time


I want to take a lot of pictures and videos with my digital, Polaroid and disposable camera. I’m planning on doing a montage with all of my summer videos and if you want I can share some disposable and Polaroid pictures on my blog 🙂

7I’ve had an Internet friend, my ex-pen pal haha for almost a year now and we are planning to meet each other in Italy, only 18 days left wohoo!

What is on your summer bucket list?




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