Brandy Melville Haul

Dear lovely readers,

as I promised today I’ll show you what I bought during my short shopping spree in Brandy Melville. But first … STORY TIME

I went to Brandy on the 15th of May, while I was in Milan, Italy for Cody Simpson’s concert and we were supposed to spend an hour in there, but we were late and I thought we wouldn’t even go. Then we finally found the parking lot and walked really fast on the way to the store. Once we’re in the right street I see a hugeeeee queue and I say: There’s probably a celebrity in there and all these girls are waiting. Yeah, I was wrong! The queue was for Brandy. They were having a big sale and all these girls were waiting to enter the store. It took 45mins to get inside. But then we found out you could enter to the normal side of the store which wasn’t on sale without waiting in line.

So now let’s talk about the pieces that I got. I didn’t get a lot of things, because I didn’t have a lot of time to choose carefully and try on everything.

1. Striped halter topDSC04533

I’ve been wanting a halter top for the longest time and now I finally own one. It’s a little different from a tank top, but I really like the way it fits + it’s striped!

2. Floral shortsDSC04555

These shorts are so comfortable and I absolutely love the floral print.

3. Black halter topDSC04514

Then I saw another halter top and I thought; Why not? So now I have two halter tops !




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