Suede Fashion Trend

Dear lovely readers,

let’s talk trends. This spring suede is really in. Used in all sorts of way; for skirts, shirts, shoes, hats; you can find it practically everywhere so I decided to share my opinion about it and make my own “suede” outfit.

What I think about it …

The Suede style has been on many fashion week runaways these past months and it’s definitely a big trend for this spring. It’s been slowly getting more talked about since those suede tight-high boots this winter. I personally don’t own many suede style clothing in my wardrobe, but I like it. When I think about suede I remember that a few years ago I owned a suede fringe bag and I was in love with it. Suede adds a touch of retro to any outfit and it’s perfect for every age. I love how versatile it is.

How I would wear it wear …

Spring means layering for me so I’d probably layer a suede jacket with suede pants or skirt and maybe even finish off the look with suede high heels or boots. I’m not the kind of person that uses the same pattern or material for the whole outfit so to soften the whole suede-look I’d combine it with a simple t-shirt and black leather handbag. What I like about suede is that even if you wear a suede head-to-toe outfit you won’t make people think you’re crazy.

Brez naslova

What do you think about the #SUEDETrend?


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