Exciting Weekend

Dear lovely readers,

I’ve been sick and stuck on my bed for the past three days, drinking maaany cups of tea and taking medicines to get better until Friday.

It is now Thursday night and I feel better (tomorrow I’ll be healthy as a fish) and I finished doing everything that was on my checklist for today. Believe me, there was a lot of things to do, but I did everything. I charged my camera, showered, painted my nails, packed …

Now you’re probably wondering why I had to do all this and what is happening on Friday and that’s the reason I started writing this blog post in the first place.

Soo…. *drum roll*…….. I’m going to Milan, Italy to see Cody Simpson perform live. I’m so excited for this trip. (By the way, I also get to shop at Brandy Melville so that’s like perfect).

This is all I have to say for now. I’ll keep you updated. Keep an eye on my blog because there’s going to be a concert OOTD up on Sunday, I’ll probably write about my experience later on too and if I buy some cool pieces in Brandy I’ll make sure to feature them in a blog post. STAY TUNED!



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