Spring Haul // Try On

Dear lovely readers,

Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite clothing pieces that I got for the spring time.

After ages of being on a hunt to find mom jeans I finally bought a pair in H&M. (If you want you can check out my post about How To Style; Mom Jeans)


Mom jeans // H&M

Next I have this super cute white tee has an embroidered band-aid on it and it says: I forgive you. It looked unique to me so I had to buy it.


Shirt – Pull&Bear

During a sale at Zara I got two basic shirts; a blackΒ V-neck that I have to say is extremely soft and a beige-white with a text that says: First comes attitude then comes style and it also has a pocket; SCORE.


Shirt – Zara


Shirt – Zara

…. and last but not least is this pair of jeans. I got these because I thought: I don’t own many jeans… let’s buy them! What I love about them is that they are high-waisted and skinny.


Jeans – Bershka

I have a really special post for next Sunday so I’m going to give you a few hints…Let’s see if someone guesses it!

– It’s a fashion related post

– The theme has to do with music

– I’m also going on a little trip forΒ this event

Try to guess what it is about in the comments!



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