Nature on a Sunday

Dear lovely readers,

I’m writing this post on my last day of break, tomorrow I’m going back to school. This week I had May break, a week off school before all the end of the school craziness that the month of May is going to consist of. I wanted my week to be as busy as possible and on Sunday I decided to host a picnic with one of my friends.

I looked up to find some DIYs to use as decorations, prepared a menu and thought of some cool things to do during the evening and I was ready … my only worry was the weather, that ended up being extremely sunny and warm, so YAY!


My friend came over around 11am and by then I already prepared the whole picnic location so we just talked and drank a smoothie. An hour after we were already sitting on our blanket in the middle of a field eating meat, salad and bread while sipping some fresh water and lemonade. After lunch we sat on the blanket, talking about life with the sound of our favorite songs in the background. We then decided to take a walk and film and take pictures. After our one hour snapping pics, filming videos and walking in nature we headed back home and ate some delish chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream.



This pretty much sums up my picnic day. What have you done this weekend?



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