On-The-Go Tips & Tricks

Dear lovely readers,

today I decided to share so on-the-go tips with you. I’ve recently found some infographics with professional tips and I decided to make my own post about that.

Recently with the help ofPaul Fredrick, a brand that offers a huge selection of dress shirts that collaborated with three style consultants that share many helpful tips.

If you are like me and you’re extremely clumsy, then just keep on reading, because these tips will definitely be helpful to you. It happens to me a lot to stain my shirt while eating or lose a random button from my shirt (I have no idea how that can happen, but it does).

Alice Kim 02a.


I always try not to stain my shirt while eating, but it happens to everyone. How many times I’m eating fruit salad and nothing falls for the whole time and then the last slice of fruit falls….whhhyyy!

  • Stains are not always caused by food and drinks, but also by ink; whether you’re at work or at school it does happen. As weird at this may sound salt is a great way to erase the ink stain, obviously if you have salt near you. You just have to pour salt on the wet stain and then dub it with a wet paper towel until it disappears.
  • I think the most common stain on my shirts are caused by spaghetti tomato sauce, but here is a tip; remove the stain with a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • It happens many times that you stain your shirt with foundation and that’s when you can use shaving cream, just wipe it on the stain and then wash it with some water.
  • When it comes to stains it’s good to rub the shirt with water and to not let the stain dry, otherwise it’s could get even worse and Β NEVER dub it with a dry, colored towel, you don’t want to make the situation even more drastic than it already is.


  • If you have ever lost a button, while wearing a new blouse then stick with me. Buy some safety pins and pin the shirt from underneath and then when you’re back home just sew a new button on.


  • How many time I’ve worn a new pair of shoes and in one day the shoes look like they’re a year old. If you have suede shoes or heels you can remove the dirt by buffing it out. And if on a rainy/snowy day you are wearing leather shoes and you need to remove the water marks from them just use a toothbrush dipped in white vinegar and gently rub.

These were just some of my quick on-the-go tips, I hope they were somewhat helpful and the next time you’ll stain you shirt or loose a button you’ll use them to fix the problem!



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