How To Style: Mom Jeans

Dear lovely readers,

today I’m starting a How To Style series (I guess … let’s hope this is  not going to be the only post in that section haha).

In today’s post I’m going to style….MOM JEANS! I know I’m pretty late with this Mom Jean trend, but I swear I was searching to find some for several months and I just recently (FINALLY) found a pair that I like and it fits me. I’m going to show you four different ways you can style your mom jeans. I hope you like them!

1. Fitted shirt + belt or Tucked in loose shirt


I Cardigan // Jaqueline De Yong, Shirt // Local store, Necklace // Brandy Melville, Belt // Mom’s closet II Necklace // Gift, Shirt // H&M

2. Sneakers or Boots


I Boots // Promod                                                       II Sneakers // Nike Roshe Runs

These are just 4 of the different ways I like to style my mom jeans. I think mom jeans look amazing with anything, literally, because they are so versatile and at the same time super comfortable. I’m glad I finally bought a pair and I’m sure you’ll be seeing them in many more outfits!

How do you style your Mom Jeans or which one of these ways do you prefer?



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