Coachella Inspired Outfit

10Dear lovely readers,

for today’s post I have an inspired outfit for you and guess what it’s inspired by? (If you haven’t already read the title haha). I’ll give you some hints … It’s a festival, divided in two weeks, known for its fashion. And I believe that by now you’ve already guessed it…COACHELLA!

The first week of Coachella starts in 11 days, on the 10th of April till the 12th and then again from the 17th to the 19th. Since Coachella’s fashion is really popular I wanted to put together an outfit that I’d wear to the festival if I had the chance to attend it.

For this outfit I based everything around the color beige. I’m not really the person that will experiment with special combinations for an outfit so keep in mind that this is going to be really laid back and super simple.

Attending a music festival as huge as Coachella means a lot of walking to reach the location of the concert and lots of jumping during the sets so you have to wear something comfortable so that’s what I kept in mind while “creating” my outfit.

To start off I paired a simple black halter crop top with high-waisted jeans; the basics with a beige floral kimono; to spice up the outfit and maybe even keep you a little warmer. To accessorize these I added a black hat, beige cat-eye sunglasses, a gold statement necklace with black leather sandals and a black backpack.

3What would you wear to Coachella? Let me know in the comments ♥




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