NYX Lip Cream // Review

Dear lovely readers,

since yesterday was the International Women’s Day let’s talk about something all women love, lip products. Obviously these are on the second place, because you guessed it, first place is occupied by shoes haha…Today I’m going to write a review about NYC Matte Lip Cream. I wanted this lip product so badly, because I’ve seen it a lot and I got it as a Christmas gift from my friend (thank you!).DSC03804-001This NYX product is available in 12 different colors, so you’ll probably find at least one shade that suits your skin tone and you like. The shades are named after cities around the world, which I think is so cool. I was tempted to buy the shade of my favorite city or just I city I find interesting, but please check the shade of it first hahaha The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is not a lipstick, but you can’t even describe it as a lip gloss. It’s a mixture of both of them with final matte look lip. When I first heard about this lip product I thought it would dry my lips, because of it being matte, but it actually moisturizes them. If you aren’t used to your lips being matte looking you can still apply a natural lip balm on the finished look.DSC03817Another thing that I really like about this lip product is… it’s smell! That may sound a little weird, but it smells amazing, like a vanilla-chocolate kind of soft smell, it make you want to try to taste it. I got the lip cream in the shade Stockholm. I really like how it looks on your lips, a nude peach color, just how I like it.DSC03832I personally really like it’s packaging, even though it may not be the best for using the whole product, but it makes the lip cream look really cute. You get it with an applicator that in my opinion works fine,; it lets you easily apply the product on your lips without the need of a lip pencil.DSC03834I’d definitely recommend this lip product to all of you girls that would like to try out a matte lip look and don’t like to wear lipstick. This product is definitely pigmented enough and give your lips a lot of color and it also lasts for a long time (4 hours)

Do you own a NYX Matte Lip Cream? Let me know in the comments!




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