OOTD ft. Justin Bieber

Dear lovely readers,

this Tuesday I spent the day in Udine (a city in Italy) shopping. It was the first time I went to the shopping mall, Citta` Fiera and I really liked it. It’s in the shape of a pyramid and has 3 floors, with around 200 stores.

I tried on a lot of clothing, but I only bought two things, that I’ll show you in a haul soon.  If you want to know how my day went just keep on reading…

We got there at around 11am and we started to browse different stores right away.  As you could probably guess, the one of the first stores I went to was ZARA, but I didn’t find anything special. Only a black knit with eyelashes on that I didn’t end up buying, because it’s slowly getting warmer and I wouldn’t have had the chance to wear it this season anymore!

After two hours of shopping I got really hungry so  we went to lunch. I got a Caesar salad in this restaurant called Worldwide Bistrot and it was delicious.DSC03745

After lunch we went back to look at some other stores and buy some other nice things and the before leaving we had a coffee break. I got a cookie in the shape of a cartoon “Ohayo! Spank” and I thought it was super cute.DSC03758

This was how I spent my shopping day. Now I wanted to share with you my outfit, It was really simple, because I wanted to be comfortable while shopping and looking for nice stuff and trying it on.

I wore a  grey tank top from Brandy Melville an a grey cardigan over it to keep me warm. I paired these two with black denim pants from H&M and Chelsea boots from Promod and to finish off the outfit my black handbag (that I showed you in my latest post, check it out here)


Cardigan Pull&Bear

Shirt-Brandy Melville



When I saw this huge Justin poster in the mall I HAD to take an OOTD picture in front of the store. Anyways… I swear I didn’t plan to post this today just because it’s Justin Bieber’s 21st birthday…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN BIEBER!

I hope you enjoyed reading this ♥



3 responses to “OOTD ft. Justin Bieber

  1. great post! you’re so pretty 🙂 it sounds like you had a lot of fun ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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