Sporty-Chic OOTD

Dear lovely readers,

today I decided to share with you a sporty outfit. I got all of the clothing from a really cool online store called Fanatics; they sell sport apparel and gear. I challenged myself to create an outfit starting from a MLB hats, yes, a baseball hat. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea and I decided to accept the challenge. Are you curious to see how managed to use a baseball hat in an outfit?

Fanatics has such a vast choice of hats, but I found my favorite one. I decided that my outfit is going to be all about the Yankees team. I created this outfit starting from a camo design, navy-blue beanie. Why I chose this one? I’m not a big sports fan, I don’t know the names of many teams, but I do know the Yankees so that was my first reason. The second is that I love their color scheme; grey, navy blue and white and this beanie was just too nice.

yes.jpgI paired the beanie with a navy blue t-shirt and hoodie. To finish up the look I chose a simple pair of leggings.  Of course I had to add some jewelry to it… I really liked how this gold bracelet works with the navy-blue theme.

This outfit is really sporty, but super comfortable; perfect for a chill day out with your friends or a baseball game!

Make sure to check out Fanatics‘ website to find your favorite baseball hat and you favorite team’s gear!

Do you like the way I styled the baseball hat into the outfit?




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