My Christmas WishList 2014

chirstmasDear lovely readers,

November is coming to an end. This month went by so quickly, I didn’t even realize it was already ending until a few days ago. Well since December is the festive month I decided to post some Christmas inspired posts, just to  kind of keep up with the whole festivity. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Christmas inspired posts and get as excited as I am.

Today I’m going to share my Christmas wish-list with you. I actually never had such a long list in my whole life, but this year there are a few things I’d love to get. So let’s just get into the list, but first; WHAT’S ON YOUR WISH LIST?

1. Plaid scarf

Plaid scarves have been really “in” right now and I love how they look paired with a black coat or a leather jacket.

1    2






 2. Matte lipgloss

These NYX lipglosses are to die for. Their matte look makes your lips look amazing and the colors are incredible.


3. Handbag

I’ve been wanting to get a similar bag to the Celine ones for two years now and I’m finally getting one this year. I’m so excited !!!


4. Pleated Skirt

I found this burgundy skirt online and I think it looks fab. Not only the color, but the style also. I’ve been really loving skirts lately, even though I never wear them haha. One more reason to get one.


 5. Burgundy Scrunchie

Yes, I want a srcunchie. I love scrunchies so much, they make your ponytails look a 1000 times better and the velvet ones are my favorites.


6. Sweater

When I saw this sweater while scrolling on Brandy Melville’s website I fell in love. I wanted the Alien T-shirt so badly and now they came out with a sweater…Ahhh, I love it!






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