New York Sweatshirt // A Review


Dear lovely readers,

today I’m finally sharing this post with you. I’m going to write a short review about a recent purchase, a sweatshirt I’ve mentioned in my Fall Haul.

I got this navy blue sweatshirt on SheInside a few weeks ago. It was the first time I bought something from the website and I was really excited to get the product.  I thought it will take more time to arrive, but it came pretty quickly. I only bought one other shirt online before, because I’m always scared to buy something that won’t fit me. This time, thankfully, the sweater fits me perfectly.

I really like this sweatshirt because it’s the kind of material that keeps you warm and that’s what I always look for in sweater so I can wear them in winter. When I was scrolling through the SheInside’s website I instantly stopped when I saw this and checked all the info about it. It’s made from cotton, I loved the print, the color is perfect and they had my size. What more can you even ask for? I had to get it!

Overall I’m fully happy with this purchase; the material is really good, shipping was fast and the website has reasonable prices. You should check SheInside‘s website out right now! They have free shipping until Dec. 5th.

DSC02493 DSC02528DSC02584 DSC02540 DSC02565



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