F for Fashion & Food

Dear lovely readers,

today’s article is going to be a little different from the usual. This weekend me and my parents went to Gostilna (Išče Šefa), which is a restaurant featured in a reality show that is about cooks that compete against each other and create dishes with a Slovenian chef, Bine Volčič.  Every night I watch the show and we thought I’d be fun to try out the food ourselves so we booked a table. DSC02479

So starter I had “Black Ištrijan”: a black raviolo with sweet sauce that was delicious (I don’t have a picture of that, because the lighting wasn’t really goo, but I have the picture of what my mom got). As main dish I had a “Fish Rola”, which is basically a dough roll of bass and spinach. For dessert I had the “Šefov Šmorn”, which is a pancake with jam and carmel ice-cream. Wow, this was so good! Probably my favorite, even though everything tasted amazing and it’s hard to choose. In between of the service I took some pictures. As you can see there’s one with the wall with the hands of the contestants that left the reality show and one outside of the restaurant. Unfortunately you aren’t supposed to take pictures of the contestants while they are cooking so I don’t have any pictures of them.

Overall I really had a great time and tried out some amazing food.




“Gurmanske Lovke”


“Fish Rola”



“Šefov Šmorn”



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