Fall Outfit Ideas

Dear lovely readers,

today I’m going to share 3 outfit that I’ve put together for the fall season. All the products are from SheInside, which is an amazing online store, definately check it out! They have many sales and great clothing.

To make this more relatable I decided to make 3 different styles of outfits; Casual, Classy and Sporty, so you can find the perfect outfit for you.

ootd.jpgMy personal favorite is the first one, because it’s something I’d wear to go to school and out with friends. The color of the shirt is perfect for fall and the jeans, well, Boyfriend jeans have been my absolute favorite this year!

The second outfit is a more classy outfit. The white blouse with the black stripes fits perfectly with the light wash jeans.

And the last is a sporty kind of look. For those who like to be comfortable and wear their favorite team’s shirt, this is made for you. I paired a baseball jersey shirt with some jeans and voila… ready for school or for a game, it’s your choice.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you’ve found YOUR style of outfit in one of the three that I suggested.




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