Fashion Week 2014 // last part

fashion week
Dear lovely readers,
you may be thinking why the title of this post is Fashion Week 2014, since the last show was on the 1st October, but I wanted to end this year’s Fashion Week nicely. I decided to “say goodbye” with my favorite collection this year, Hermes, which was also the last show of this year’s Fashion Week.
Hermes had a lot of white and beige combinations, mixed with some blue. I loved the simplicty of their collection. It was really classy and chic, yet many pieces could be used as a day look aswell. 
My personal favorite was the blue leather jacket paired with some navy blue and black shoes. I love how they paired two different shades of blue together, it is really unusual, but it looked fantastic.
Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Summer/Spring 2015 Collection.

I guess this is a goodbye, at least for this year’s Fashion Week…until next year! Thank you for reading.


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