September Favorites


Dear lovely readers,

September is coming to an end and I decided to share my favorites from this month.

At the beginning of September I went to the movies to see The Fault In Our Stars and that HAS to be my favorite movie this month, not only that it’s also on my all time favorite movie list. I loooved it. After the movie was over I went to the local bookstore and bought my third John Green book, An Abundance of Katherines. I wanted to get Paper Town but unfortunately they didn’t have it.

John Green’s book, An Abundance of Katherines was my favorite book this month. It was a great book, as all of J. Green’s books that I’ve read.

As for my last favorite it’s a little different from the previous two, because it’s jewelry. I’ve gotten four bracelets in the beginning of September from an Etsy store called Buvy. I’ve been wearing them since the first day. They are really simple string bracelets with gold and colorful beads in the front. What I love of these bracelets is that they are adjustable; you only have to pull the string and it perfectly fits your wrist…but it doesn’t end here; you can also choose the color of the string that you want so you can practically »make« your own bracelet. If you are looking for some simple, yet funky bracelets make sure to check this Etsy store out.




These are all of the favorites for this month, but I’ll make sure to share some new ones in the future. Thank you for reading!




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