Recently …


Dear lovely readers,

today I’ll share some of the things I’ve been doing recently.


Recently I have been …

loving watching Youtube videos, especially Back To School series

reading 4 amiche e un paio di jeans …actually I could say RE-READING, well I read it some years ago, but I decided to read it again this summer

smelling the scent of the sea, while I spend some time on the beach

wearing lots of crop tops and shorts, oh and bikinis


listening to Marc E. Bassy

obsessing over blogging. I’m new to this, but I really enjoy doing it.

organising my blog and some school stuff (supplies and other things…)

watching ID, Investigation Discovery. I can say that’s 90% of what my TV watching-schedule consists of it


posting maaaany fashion pictures on my Tumblr 

drinking this mint and lemon balm juice. Ahhh, it’s the most refreshing thing ever

eating a LOT of ice-cream, I recently discovered this hazelnut lactose free ice-cream and I love it so much.

enjoying the last few days before school starts and just relaxing


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll make sure to post these Recently posts every time my ″routine″ changes.





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