3 Simple Hairstyles // Back To School


Dear lovely readers,

I’m back with another Back To School post. This time I’m going to be showing you 3 super easy hairstyles. We all have those days that we either wake up too late or we just wake up too lazy (me everyday) to make our hair look fancy, but these hairstyles are perfect for exacly those days.

1. Braid – BOXER BRAID

It’s been a really popular haistyle this summer… the boxer braid. You can see it all over Tumblr and probably your fave celebrity wore it too. It’s easier than it seems to make it, but it’s so much better than a basic braid. Tutorial here



Zendaya Coleman


Rita Ora


Katy Perry


2. Hair down – TWISTED CROWN

I decided to call this hairstyle the TWISTED CROWN because it looks like you’re wearing a crown, kind of haha. To make this hairstyle you only need to twist one sections of your front hair (right and left) and place the twists with a bobby pin.



Gigi Hadid

jennifer gamer

Jennifer Gamer

laurel conrad

Laurel Conrad




3. Ponytail – WITH CURLS

Who doesn’t like ponytails? I mean we all wear them, whether to go for a walk or to go to school we all know how to make a ponytail. This hairstyle is the most simple and easy out of the three I’m going to show you, but it’s great if you are running late. All you need to do is a high ponytail and then take small sections of hair and curl them. That’s all.



Ariana Grande




Vanessa Hudgens

This is it…three super easy hairstyles that you can wear to school and look amazing in them.

If you were wondering where my hair ties are from it’s your lucky day. I got them on Etsy, SewMuchSplendor . Make sure to check this store out, they sell some pretty cool things and these hair ties are a must for back to school.


I hope you find this helpful and you’ll try these hairstyles out during this school year.




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