Floral Look // OOTD



Dear lovely readers,

Today I decided to share one of my favorite summer OOTDs/looks, the FLORAL LOOK. Summer is the perfect season to wear colorful and bright outfits. This is a collaboration with ellaasxblog.wordpress.com so don’t forget to click on the link and check her article about her Floral Look.

My Floral Look consists of my Brandy Melville dress that has pink, light blue and white flowers all over it. It’s perfect for summer, because it’s really light and perfect for every occasion. The bag that I wore is a black shoulder bag and I love the detailing in the front, it’s super classy. My shoes are just leather gladiator sandals that I got as a gift and as for jewellery I only wore bracelets. I made a combination of silver, gold and white.







Dress // Brandy Melville

Bag // Promod

Shoes // gift

Bracelets // Accesorize & DIY


I hope you enjoyed reading this and you are having a beautiful summer.




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