Summer Bucket List



Dear lovely readers,

Today I’m going to be writing the top 5 things that are on my summer bucket list. I’ve been making these lists for two years now and I find them really good for achieving things.


Do you have a summer bucket list?


So let’s just get into it.


  1. Watch The Fault In Our Stars

Well this is the first thing on my list, just because I read the book and loved it and obviously I had to watch the movie.


  1. Visit Italy

I’m so lucky to say that for my summer holidays I was in Italy and I spent my days in the beautiful Florence and on the shore of Garda’s Lake.


  1. Read many books

You don’t know it, but I’m in love with reading and during summer time I find a lot of time to do it. This summer I already read a few books and really liked them. One of my faves is going to be mentioned in my upcoming post, my July Favorites.


  1. Go on little adventures

Summer is a time when you can just take your camera and put on your shoes and go out and explore.


  1. Try Chinese food

It may be weird to you, but I have never tried it before, but I had to put it on my summer bucket list this year and finally try it. And guess what? I really liked it. It was so delicious. My favorite dish was the dessert, fried ice cream.


Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in my next post.





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